Summer Heat Stock Photo Collection

This fun Summer Heat Stock Photo Collection is a fun example of things that happen in our atelier without planning.

We worked with these yummy popsicles while creating a different collection (Cotton Candy) but once they started melting we saw the opportunity to take few more photos.

Because why not?ย 

Plus, isn’t melting popsicle or ice cream the perfect summer element?

But let’s be real, you’re not here to read a sweet story (pun intended) about our melting popsicles. You’re here for the deets. And we’re happy to share them!


What’s included:

20 high-resolution styled stock images
(4500px x 3000px or 2500px x 2500px resolution)

Mix of horizontal, vertical and square photos
~ย Perfect for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, your website, blog, printable or digital materials. No limits.

Friendly license terms &ย Unlimited downloads


Lollipop Creative Stockโ€™s photo library is full of unique, colorful, and fun photos that will make your brand stand out in the online (or offline) world. Promise.

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