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“Uncover Your Secret Brand Identity” kind of quiz!

Choosing color, fonts, or images for your business should be super easy.  Said no brand designer ever.

Your brand speaks to you client’s senses on an emotional level. Its colors, fonts or graphic elements influence their moods, evoke memories, and simply speak to who they are.

But let’s address the elephant in the room.

Branding is hard. Choosing the right visual style can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Especially if you DIY your brand for the first time.

And there are so many burning questions to be answered!

– What do I want to say by my brand visuals?
– How to choose colors that convey the right message?
– What mood does do they bring to the table?
– What fonts should I combine it with?
– And where can I see some example of other brands with similar aesthetics?

We could continue but you get the picture.

Which is why we created a quick quiz that should answer at least few if not most of these questions. Let’s take a look at the quiz, shall we?